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Dedicated Web Hosting
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Cobalt RaQ Servers
Cobalt RaQ Servers

The RaQ is designed for virtual hosting of multiple websites.  There are a number of third-party products available that were created specifically for this platform.  The Cobalt Raq server has a flexible administration interface that enables you to share administration responsibilities among your staff.
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Linux Servers
Linux Servers

Linux is a very versatile platform that serves a number of functions well.  It is particularly suitable for meeting your Internet requirements, such as mailing, streaming, Web servers, and fileserving.  Linux is a very cost-effective choice - it uses hardware efficiently, and there are a huge number of free applications available on the Internet.
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Windows 2000 Servers
Windows 2000 Servers

Window's 2000 graphical user interface (GUI) makes it user-friendly and provides a familiar interface for most IT teams to work with.  It integrates well with other Microsoft applications.  A wealth of commercial applications are available for this platform.
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Choosing A Dedicated Server

When deciding on a specific dedicated server, the operating system is the single most important feature.  Most operating systems will perform the standard functions you desire.  Some operating systems have specific functions that make them a better choice than other operating systems.  If you have an SQL database application, then Windows 2000 is your best choice.  If you have a pure website need, Linux or Cobalt may be your best options.  US Net makes it easy — we offer a broad array of operating systems coupled with our dedicated servers making it easier to find a dedicated solution that best meets your specific needs.

  • Cobalt RaQ
    The Cobalt RaQ is one of the most versatile and easy to use Web servers in the world.  It is specifically designed to provide ease with its flexible administration interface.  With many third party applications available specifically for this platform, the RaQ server is truly a world-class Web server.

  • Linux
    The Linux operating system is a versatile platform that serves many functions well.  It is suitable to perform Web server, fileserver, streaming, e-mail functions.  It is an extremely cost effective operating system with many free applications available over the Internet.

  • Windows 2000
    Windows 2000 features a user friendly graphical user interface which creates a very familiar environment for technical support and system management teams.  Because of the huge number of Microsoft applications that exist today, the Windows 2000 operating system is a versatile choice for any business.  Windows 2000 operates very efficiently as a SQL server, a Web server and an integration server.
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