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Greetings from US Net!

Thank you for your recent support as we upgraded our email capabilities and expanded our dialup access footprint.

Itís nice to be able to make these improvements, especially at a time when so many providers are contracting services or going out of business.

After all, itís about providing great service to you our customer.

Your account is due to renew soon and we want to make you aware that we may offer high-speed access in your area. Also, we are running a great special right now on Personal Websites. Plus, we want to pass along to you a couple of tools free of charge.



Because you are a valued US Net customer, we are making available to you a free tool to improve your online productivity and safety. Are you tired of popup ads? If so, you can download and use NoAds absolutely free of charge.

NoAds stops Internet popup ads from getting in your way. NoAds is fully configurable, allowing you to specify which popups you want to be automatically stopped before they are launched. When you receive a popup you don't care to see, simply click and add it to your target list. The next time you encounter it, NoAds will stop it from launching.

NoAds supports most popular web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, America Online and Opera. The program is very easy to use, and stays running in the system tray for quick access. NoAds is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Click Here To Download NoAds

Looking for a suite of tools to stop popups, remove adware and spyware from your PC, and protect your family from unwanted offensive content, then take a look at redVís suite of protection tools.

You can download several of these tools on a trial basis and most come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

RedV Protection Tools


Personal Web Site
Have you been thinking about setting up a personal Web site where you can post your family pictures, setup a shrine for your favorite celebrity, or let the World know about your hobby? US Net can help.

Right now, with your dialup subscription renewal you can get a great deal on US Net Personal Web Hosting. When you renew your dialup account and sign-up for US Net Personal Web hosting, US Net will register your personal domain name absolutely free. Plus weíve discounted the cost of Web hosting by 50%. Thatís right! You save 50% and you get your domain name registered for one year for free!

High-speed Access
Thinking about upgrading to a high-speed connection? Give us a call. US Net offers high-speed DSL services throughout the United States. Call us now to find out about our great pricing and current installation promotions.

Interested in signing-up or learning more? You can by clicking Live Help below or by dialing 1-888-592-4678, then pressing 2 for sales, then 2 for DSL.

We're here to answer any questions you may have.

If we don't know the answer, there are folks here who do.

We appreciate your business!

Sandra and John
Client Services Group

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