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Thinking about upgrading to a dedicated server? Choose a provider that scores high in Value, Performance, Flexibility, Reliability, and Reputation.

US Net is unmatched in these important areas.

Value.  With dedicated hosting solutions starting at only $89 a month (call for even better deals), upgrading or migrating to a powerful US Net dedicated server won’t cramp your wallet. 

Performance.  We’ve got you covered when it comes to performance too.  In fact, we’ve optimized our infrastructure to meet the high-volume online demands of the Adult Online Industry.  Our state-of-the-art facility is multi-homed over diverse OC-3 connections.  Plus we use proven technology from industry leading vendors, including Cisco, Sun Microsystems and Intel. 

Flexibility.  Flexibility is in the bag.  You can manage the server yourself, or for an additional fee, we’ll manage it for you.  Either way, you get root access.  Plus we offer additional value-adds on an a-la-carte basis -- you don’t have to pay for the extras if you don’t use them.

Reliability.  Reliability is a given.  Our state-of-the-art facility features fully-redundant environmental controls, backup diesel generators, 24 X 7 monitoring, and a cadre of highly-competent around-the-clock onsite systems engineers.

Reputation.  You’re judged by the company you keep.  At US Net, you’ll be in good company.  Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide  recently scored US Net’s HiSpeed branded dedicated servers at 94 out of 100 and gave us their coveted 5 Star Ranking.  Also, Net Top has just ranked us as one of the top 20 low-cost Web hosting companies. 

See for yourself:


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#3 Call 888-592-HOST (outside of the United States dial 314-692-3533).  Choose option 2 for sales, then option 2 for Web Hosting.  Be sure to ask about Current Promotions – we periodically run specials with unbelievable pricing!  


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