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Network & Facilities
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US Net Quarters & Managed Colocation - Hosting Facility Specs

All Web hosting servers are located in our US Net Quarters hosting facilities.  These facilities are monitored around-the-clock every day of the year.  US Net Quarters facilities are equiped with the finest equipment available today to ensure your hosting equipment is in the safest possible environment.  US Net Quarters features include:

  • FM200 fire suppression equipment — FM200 is a gas based fire suppression system designed to extinguish a detected fire in the early stages of ignition.  FM200 will not harm or damage the server equipment.  FM200 is US Net's primary fire protection system.
  • Pre-Action sprinkler fire suppression equipment — Pre-Action sprinkler is US Net's secondary fire protection system.  This system is designed to suppress fires that have escalated to a level that threatens the building structure.  With Pre-Action, the overhead pipes are never filled until a fire is detected and the system is engaged, protecting your information and our equipment from accidental damage.
  • Gen Set US Net sizes our generators to completely run the entire facility in the event of a power failure.  This includes all servers, devices and HVAC units.
  • UPS power — UPS power is used as an interim failover step in the event power is cut and the GenSet has not come to full power.  The interim UPS is sized to power the entire facility for eight hours if necessary.
  • Power Distribution
  • Battery packs
  • Available AC/DC power US Net offers 20 and 30 amp circuits in both AC and DC power designations.
  • Telecommunications grade HVAC with humidity control. Humidity control ensures that static within the facility is kept to a minimum thus reducing the risk of damage to servers and information.  Humidity and temperature is monitored by the NOC.
  • Secure card access to the facility — All US Net Quarters facilities have protected access to the building via security card access scanners.  This ensures that only people that are allowed in the hosting space are granted access to the hosting space.
  • 24x7 monitored surveillance cameras at the entrance and inside the facility for further protection of the equipment.
  • 24x7 monitoring and network operations staffUS Net operates fully redundant Network Operations Centers in Cincinnati OH and in Vancouver, WA.  These sites are designed and staffed to monitor all activities on the US Net network including all web hosting and colocated servers.
  • Daily backups of all Web hosting servers — All Web hosting sites are backed up on a daily schedule once each day.  Restorations must be requested and will be invoiced at the current hourly rate based on the amount of time it takes a US Net technician to assist you in restoring your information.
  • Full carrier class fiber connections through 3 separate peering arrangements.
  • Systems engineering techs are available 24x7 to diagnose and fix network issues, IP issues and other technical issues quickly.
  • Systems administrative techs may be engaged 24x7 to assist you with software or administration assistance.
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